How to Take a Programmer Aptitude Test?

Aptitude tests are conducted for screening potential candidates for various jobs. Just as roles widely differ from each other in respect to their type, the qualification required for them and the task that will be fulfilled through that job, so do the aptitude tests designed to assess the candidates applying for those different job vacancies. Jobs that require the applicant to be qualified of computer programming ask the candidate to sit for a specially designed programmer aptitude test.

Categories of Programming Aptitude Test

The computer programming aptitude tests can be broadly categorized into three different types.

1.   A Standard Battery of Test

This kind of programmer aptitude test can measure the relevant mental competencies of the individual such as

  • logical reasoning,
  • non-verbal reasoning and
  • numerical reasoning.

The mathematical and logical evaluation done through this test aptly suits the mind of a person well suited for a technical computing job.

2.   Hybrid Test

The hybrid test is a slightly different kind of programmer aptitude test which consists of various testing materials like,

  • Pattern recognition
  • Problem solving
  • Logical reasoning
  • Numerical problem solving
  • Ability to complete complex steps

Some of the tests mention here don’t exactly need a computer programming skill, nonetheless they are sometimes included as part of the programmer aptitude test.

3.   Programming Simulation Test

This programmer aptitude test is specifically designed for the more experienced computer programmers to judge what kind of complex computer programming tasks they can handle. This includes working with,

  • Pseudocodes
  • Look-up tables
  • Boolean true and false
  • Looping
  • Arrays etc.

Why Preparing for a Programmer Aptitude Test is Necessary?

The field of computer programming has a wide scope. In fact IT based businesses are breaking records of profits each year. There are newer things to do and learn each day in this field. For such big gains, it would be obvious that you would want to score well on the programmer aptitude test so that you can be selected for the job vacancy.

The aptitude test for computer programmers is your chance to show that you can excel over the other contenders based on your knowledge, skill and experience. But if you have not attempted a computer programming aptitude test, then there is a chance that you might get intimidated and might not perform at a level that you think you are capable of. So the best of way of doing well on a programmer aptitude test is to prepare for it well.

How to Prepare for a Computer Programming Aptitude Test?

You can prepare for an upcoming aptitude test just like you would for any other kind of test – by thorough preparation. Here are the steps that you should take to coach yourself.

1.   Find out as much as you can about the job for which you want to apply. The more you know about your future job description, the more you will be aware of what requirements the employers would ask you. You will, therefore, be judged on similar set of skills.

2.   Once you know what areas you will have to cover in your job, you can practice with your computer as much as you can.

3.   There are numerous online and offline sources which can actually prepare you for the programming aptitude test by supplying you with a set of sample questions. You can also get information regarding the set of instructions that you will need to follow during that test.

4.   Practice aptitude tests can be downloaded from the internet. They can also be gotten from libraries, workshops and friends who have attempted these tests earlier.

5.   Get hold of all kinds of sample questions for this test and see where your weakness lies. If you are not familiar with this area, you must get help from a professional.

6.   Practice as much maths and logical questions as you can. Develop and practice your brain to think logically to automatically derive solutions without wasting time.

7.   Once you think you are well prepared for the aptitude test, then it is time to test yourself in almost real testing environment. Aptitude tests are usually administered in a time-controlled environment and that is what you will have to create for yourself so that you can judge your performance.

8.   Most of the questions of the aptitude test will have to be solved in front of the interviewer/examiner so learn not to get intimidated by the presence of another person. Develop confidence in your own knowledge and skills.

Practice with Free Aptitude Tests

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