Secret Methods to Discover Your Personality –Psychic Ability Tests are to help

Do you believe in the spiritual world? Do you have feelings or a sense of intuition about situations that sometimes seems unsettling? Have you had dreams about people or places you’ve never known or visited, only to meet them or go there later on? Maybe you have psychic abilities, or you’re sitting at your desk wondering if you do. This article will list some of the psychic abilities that you could possess, and tell you how psychic ability tests work.

The Various Psychic Abilities

1.    Clairvoyant Ability

Clairvoyance is a form of spiritual sight. Rather than being able to predict the future, having a clairvoyant ability means that you can learn something about someone or a particular situation by specific indicators. These may be colors, signs or symbols divined using a so-called ‘sixth sense.'

2.    Clairsentience Ability

It can be seen as a form of extreme empathy and is primarily the developed ability of a person to intuit the feelings of others with pretty little verbal clues. If you possess clairsentience, you can tell very quickly when someone is lying to you, or be much attuned to the emotional and physical pain of those around you.

3.    Clairaudience Ability

Like clairvoyance, clairaudience is a type of inner perception. The only difference is that while clairvoyance is a visual message, clairaudience is a sound based message. Some have called it an inner-voice or an inner-hearing. If you believe that you can hear music, sounds or voices that no one else listens, then you may be clairaudient.

4.    Claircognizance Ability

If you’ve had the feeling that you need to do something, without having a reason behind why you have to do it. Perhaps it was an instance of claircognizance. For example, the feeling that you need to call a friend and when you do, you discover that they need help urgently. Or while driving, you fastened your safety belt moments before an accident. You cannot explain why you did, but you just intuitively knew something serious was going to happen.

5.    Mediums

Mediums are commonly believed to be in possession of all of the above extra-sensory perceptions, as well as a few not mentioned here. Not only do they possess these abilities, but they have developed them and can direct them to communicate with an unseen world. There are two main types of mediums –

Mental mediums who only use their minds to communicate and;

Physical mediums who can use their whole physical beings, and enter trance states.

So, all this information on types of psychic ability and mediums is transcendent, but how do you find out if you fall into any of these groups?

The Use of Psychic Ability Tests

psychic ability tests

There are psychic ability tests available online; some are more serious than others, which you will discover through a process of elimination. Some tests will ask you to fill out a questionnaire, asking questions about your experiences. They may ask you if you’ve ever had a premonition if you can tell when someone is lying if you can communicate well with animals, if you’re aware of auras or if you’ve ever noticed strange coincidences in your life.

Other popular tests evaluate your ability to predict random events, by selecting twenty cards at random and then asking you to state what cards were picked in which order. A variation of this is to test whether you can predict the future, by asking you to state which 20 cards will be drawn first and then letting the computer generate the cards to see if you were correct. These tests are known as Zener cards.

If you’re still unsure about where your abilities lie, you can take extra psychic ability tests, like –

Online tarot card reading

Provides a set of tarot cards and looks at your ability to understand their symbolic meaning.

Remote viewing

Tests your ability to see people or objects that are a great physical distance away from you.


Can you influence the laws of statistics with your mind?

ESP test

Tests your level of pre-cognition, and to what extent you can sense what is going to happen before it happens.

Sensitivity test

Looks at how sensitive you are to energy and other subtleties around you. Do you pick up on things around you that other less sensitive people do not feel?

Now that you have all the information you need take a psychic ability test now and find out how connected you are to the spiritual world.

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