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answer for 11
by: Anonymous

total number of students appeared should be 150...
if we consider in x and y variables, let total appeared be x, total passed be y, then totla fail wud be x-y
ratio of y to x-y is 4:1, then y=4/5x;
now if 30 less appeared, and 20 less passed, then ratio of pass to fail will be
substituting value of y, we get x= 150.

the answer is......
by: Anonymous

consider the total no.of passed and failed students as 4x,x respectively since the ratio is 4:1.

the total no. of students appeared is,4x+x=5x.

if 30 less appeared and 20 less passed,and the ratio is 5:1,then,
we get x=2.67
and 5x=13.35
and approx.13 appeared for the exam.

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