Beer, Guns and Trailers – Redneck test may identify you?

Redneck test is different...

In fact all tests don't measure your prime intelligence. Sometimes they can just be taken for fun. The redneck  for example, is not designed to discriminate anybody but gives an amusing insight about your personality’s probable inclination. So take such a test and find out where you are placed on the redneck scale.

There are tons of redneck tests out there, so take your pick and score a fun distraction. Let’s not jump the gun though, and first take a look at where the term redneck came from.

Origin of the Term ‘Redneck’

Depending on where you belong from or what part of the history of America you are familiar with, Redneck can own different connotations. For example, for some, this term is an abusive remark, while for others, it is an acknowledgment of the pride associated with being a redneck.

However, whether used as a derogatory slang term or mark of recognition, the term refers to the class of poor white American citizens belonging to the southern region of the United States. These southerners were people who mostly worked in the farmlands and are therefore considered a class apart from the people who work in the offices.

As it becomes apparent from their name, these farmers and field workers were called ‘rednecks’ because of the tanned complexion attained by their necks after working in the sun. The American coalminers of the early 1900s, who wore red bandanas around their necks, were also called rednecks because of the pattern of the scarves. Today, some Americans proudly identify themselves as rednecks.

Most of the African-Americans who share a cruel heritage marked with racist discrimination have their own singular opinion regarding the ‘feared’ rednecks. Just remember, some might find the term offensive, so take the redneck test in good humor, and don’t take it seriously.

‘Redneck’ – As Part of Good Humour

The idea behind an online redneck test borrows a lot from comedian Jeff Foxworthy’s ‘You might be a redneck’ one-liners, which play on a host of funny stereotypes about rednecks and were hugely popular in the 1990s. Jeff Foxworthy reckons that you might be a redneck if –

  • The stock market crashes and it doesn’t affect you one bit
  • If you’ve ever written your resume on a cocktail napkin
  • If you advertise on the inside of portable toilets
  • You call your boss ‘dude.’
  • You take a case of beer to a job interview

Redneck Test may Identify

redneck test

If you were deemed a redneck after taking the redneck test, chances are you possess some of these qualities –

  • You don’t like authority, especially the government
  • Your home can be moved from one location to another
  • You cherish your pick-up, which most likely has a gun rack in the window
  • Formal attire is not your thing. You are in love with plaid shirts and denim, topped off with a trucker’s cap.
  • Your favorite hobbies include NASCAR and wrestling added with noisy music
  • You say ‘Y’all’ a lot.

Job Openings for Rednecks

I don't entirely agree with this list, but most of the redneck's tests attempt to the skill set which is required for some specific jobs. If you scored high on the redneck test, don’t worry there are employment opportunities out there for you as well. What all of these jobs have in common is that they require a hard-working handy-man, willing to do what it takes to finish the job. Consider trying your hand at some of these –

·         Pick-up Truck Consultant –

If you’re an expert on pick-up trucks, which ones to buy, how to fix them or just love ‘em, then this could be the career for you.

·         Outhouse Cleaner –

Rednecks aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty and are always willing to get the tough jobs done.

·         Lumberjack –

You’re strong and you love the outdoors, so why not spend a day hauling logs and breathing in the scent of freshly cut pine.

·         Truck Driver –

You love the open road and won’t have any trouble fixing your rig, so this could be a match made in heaven.

·         Hunter –

Any good redneck loves their guns and must have started shooting when they were still in diapers.

·         Reality TV Star –

You could find fame and show the world how crazy your everyday life is with your reality TV show or by hosting your own D.I.Y. instructional displays.

Y’all Come back now, ya Hear!

Take a redneck test now and find out if you meet the redneck standard. Now that you’ve got a better idea of what being a redneck means, you can embrace your redneck identity with pride.

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