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by Marisela


In this day and age, we are able to find so much information about almost every single topic in the world. I have found this website very useful because although I have some experience in this field of work, this is the first time I search for practical exercises on the web.

Most of the literature that leads to improving your skills in the workforce either not free or not on a trustworthy website.

This is a long version of the comment I wanted to make but it seems that I haven't practiced free writing in a while and I find it very relaxing.

Nowadays, it is very uncommon to write a letter since social networks help convey messages instantly without the hassle of taking the letter to the post office and waiting an "x" amount of time for it to reach its destiny and even wondering if it will get there.

Another disadvantage is knowing that by the time it is received, part of what is said in the letter might no longer be accurate and by the time we get a response, it no longer applies and we have to explain why and how things are different since we wrote the letter.

On the other hand, today we are able to communicate verbally in real-time and phone calls are not charged individually like they used to. We pay a monthly phone bill and it's a fixed amount regardless of how many phone calls we make or texts we sent.

However, this leads to a lack of practice in writing. Writing skills are taught throughout school but the need to write long paragraphs is no longer there due to emails being the main form of communication.

Well, I intended to type a short comment but I guess I was weak.


A thankful user of this website.

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