What you need to know about Sales aptitude tests

What is a sales aptitude test?

You usually have a sale aptitude test after the initial interview. It is a stage wherein you will have to show how eager you are to do whatever it takes to be a good sales agent. These types of tests are usually ordered employing some third party service providers and gauge your capacity to work efficiently in making a sale. There’s no way to figure out which exactly is the kind of test your prospect company will use; however, you can always get ready to 100% ace it. 

Why is it important?

sales aptitude test

This type of test is useful in selecting personnel and placing them for positions in sales management. The qualified staff has to interpret and administer the test in objective ways. 

Equal Employment Act (EEO) of 1972 provides specific criteria which are kept in mind while building a sales aptitude test to choose the best of the best candidates. The EEO is the principal legislative body when it comes to equal opportunities for employment. It is a regulatory agency that strives to smooth all matters dealing with employment process.

How to pass a sales aptitude test?

To make it through this stage of the hiring process, we need to consider the following:

  • Analyze your previous experiences when it comes to sales. List down your weaknesses and flaws in your sales performance. Knowing your weakness will enable you to understand what to improve and how to perfect things out. You can try to look over your past career performance anecdotes to know where you are now and how you will be heading.
  • Evaluate your skills and by using some marketing aptitude tests like the Central Test's Marketing. Again, this will highlight the things you need to work on.
  • If possible, practice your sales performance and correct your weaknesses by having a role play activity with your family or friends. Try to ask them to give you some situations wherein you are to make them buy products from you.
  • You may also like to practice an appropriate assessment online. A lot of companies offer sales evaluation materials, and you can find free sales aptitude tests on this website too.
  • Another significant tip to remember is that, in taking this test, there’s no such thing as right or wrong answers. It is subjective, and you just have to strive to be the best sales agent you can be. However, you also have to note that employers even search for particular qualities and candidates who are above average. In case you do not end up to be suitable for the company, don’t get discouraged. There are a lot of opportunities ahead of you.

What the Employers Want

To know how to increase your possibilities of getting hired, you need to be aware of the requirements of the hiring company.  Take note of the following points for qualities that are required of the applying candidates. 

Flexibility- The aptitude test also try to figure out the applicant’s sales longevity Sales is a race, and the business people can’t afford to jump to another ship when a client objects in any way. Upon taking this test, try to attack the situation by thinking how a tough-minded salesperson would deal with that specific situation.

Optimism- being positive is not just applicable to this area but to all dimensions of life. The aptitude test will also look into how high your outlook is concerning life and career. Those people that are negative would think in three different ways: all things should be constant, prevalent, and personal. It means they need to know that when they are rejected once for their negative mindset, they’re going to be denied the next times around.

Generally- All the questions in a sales aptitude test will delve into finding out how you deal with certain situational cases. The tests would mostly give situations—both negative and positive- and it’s going to ask you what probably rooted that event and how you’re going to deal with it.

This test comprises 86 items that measure everything it has to do with sales and your approach towards it. It has 68 multiple choice self- evaluation and 18 adjective descriptive questions. The entire context of the sales aptitude test is meant to evaluate the behavior and personality which are essential in a successful sales career. By taking this, you can also gauge how much you have learned from your past experiences and how much more you need to work on.

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