Prepare Yourself with Sample Interview Question

Preparing and practicing with sample interview question is a good idea. But usually the interviewers don’t just ask a single question. They will bombard an array of questions that will help assess your personality, your ability and your potential so that they can make a decision either in favour of or against your hiring.

So, luckily for you, we have provided not one sample interview question but a few so that you can prepare for all of them and be confident while walking into the interview room.

1.    Why Did You Quit Your Last Job?

This sample interview question will of course be addressed to candidates who had been employed somewhere else previously. What you must understand from a question like this one is that the interviewer is interested to know a valid reason which compelled you to leave your previous job and also that this reason is not going to affect your future performance if you get hired at this particular firm.

You must be able to answer the interviewer intelligently and smartly. It is not intended here that you should lie and make up a faulty excuse; instead this question right now should put your mind to work to come up with a proper and laudable way of convincing the interviewer(s) that your reason was a good reason to leave that particular job. For example, “I am looking for better opportunities.’’

2.    Why do You Want to Work for Our Company?

With this question the interviewers are trying to determine your real motive behind applying for the job in their company. They would also be judging what all you know and/or even like about the company. The answer you are going to give will give them a picture of how you perceive your job to be. It is therefore, recommended that you say only positive things.

3.    Have you Been Employed at a Similar Position Before?

sample interview questions

Of course your answer to this sample interview question should revolve around your work experience which must include your particular experience that has enabled you to apply for the current job vacancy. So it is advisable to stay as much focused about similar job experience instead of revolving around non-essentials.

With your work experience you must not forget to mention your education and/or training that has equipped you with necessary knowledge to carry out tasks that will be assigned to you if you are hired.

4.    What Gives You the Edge Over Other Candidates?

Questions like these in which the interviewer(s) wants you to shed some light upon yourself can prove to be quite tricky. You must remember not to excessively dwell upon personal issues and domestic problems. You are there to project only highlighted features about yourself and your past experience.

Although the question does not state as such, make sure you revolve your answer around the interviewer’s expectations regarding this job. For example, ‘I am punctual….I take my profession seriously etc.’

5.    Where Do You See Yourself in the Next 5 Years?

This is one of the favorite questions that interviewer(s) ask the candidates. It projects your ability to stay focused and work towards your goal. Your goal should tell them how you are trying to cross each stepping stone with diligence.

When practicing the answer to this sample interview question, you must incorporate how you see this job helping you reach that particular goal in a period of 5 or more years.

6.    What do You Think of the Current Political Situation?

Questions about the politics can be wide and varied but you must remember that most of the times, they are just looking for your general knowledge. Give as general answers to questions like these as possible. Don’t start elaborating upon your opinion of the whole situation.

7.    Do You See Yourself as a Leader of a Project or Are you More of a Team Player?

This question is two-fold and a very tricky one at that. Both these qualities are needed in a person who wants to be part of a multinational or any big brand. Be smart and develop an answer which showcases how you can be both in different situations.

These are some basic questions that are usually asked of the candidates when they arrive for an interview. The key to a successful interview is to come up with smart and intelligent answers and then to practice them really well so that you deliver them flawlessly in front of the corporate leaders.

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