A Sample Vocational Aptitude Test

You can't find quality vocational aptitude tests free. The computer technology has made them more useful, quick and result oriented. Here I have brought a sample vocational aptitude test. You know it is just a bite of the pie but sufficient to enjoy the taste.

Different vocational tests may be comprised of various elements. However, you will find questions on daily life science, arithmetic reasoning, verbal aptitude, mathematical and mechanical reasoning. A few of these features are included in this free sample.

General Science

Do you have correct knowledge of daily life practical science?

If not then you may have no interest in a mechanical job. Without scoring better in this section, you have the least chances to be selected for the position of an engineer. You need to know the basic concepts of physical and biological sciences. For example:


a) What is the scientific notation for 7,890,000?

(i) 7.89 × 10-2

(ii) 7.89 × 102

(iii) 7.89 × 10-5

(iv) 7.89 × 106


In scientific notation, until there is only one digit to the left of the decimal moves the digits. For 7,890,000, you move the decimal to the left by 6 decimals. The answer is iv. Furthermore, there are 3 significant figures in 7,890,000.

Arithmetic Reasoning

The arithmetic vocational aptitude test measures your ability to solve arithmetic word problems. For example:


In a school, one-fifth of the students are female and one-fourth of the students are hostlers. What proportion would you expect to be female hostlers?

(i) 1/5

(ii) 1/10

(iii) 1/20

(iv) 1/25

(v) 1/50


One-fifth of the students are female and one-fourth of the hostlers. One fifth of one-forth is 1/20.

Words Knowledge

sample vocational aptitude test

Verbal vocational aptitude test measures your ability to select the correct meaning of words and synonyms .


Frugal nearly means:

(i) scanty

(ii) more

(iii) non-economical

(iv) rich



Mechanical Reasoning

This vocational aptitude test measures your knowledge of automobiles, tools and shop terminology. Like...


A chisel is used for

(i) twisting

(ii) prying

(iii) grinding

(iv) cutting


It is used for cutting

Mathematical Reasoning

A math vocational aptitude test measures your knowledge about basics of mathematical principles. Such as:


If twelve workers are needed to run 4 machines, how many workers are? Needed to run 20?

(i) 20

(ii) 48

(iii) 60

(iv) 80


12/4 * 20 = 60


Which mechanical components are typically used between a wheel and an axle to reduce friction?

(i) springs

(ii) hinges

(iii) bearings

(iv) levers


A set of bearings is typically a set of small metal balls packed in a groove and lubricated with grease or oil. The wheel rubs against one side of each ball, and the axle rubs against the other side. The net effect is that the wheel rolls much more easily.

Electronic Comprehension Test

Electronics aptitude test measures your basic knowledge of electricity and electronics. It is given more weight when you are applying for electronic related jobs. It may include the questions like:


Storage of charge is the property of which electronic component?

(i) capacitor

(ii) transistor

(iii) transformer

(iv) resistor


Capacitor stores charge.

Paragraph Comprehension

This vocational aptitude test measures your ability to obtain information from the written material. For example;

Read the following specimen passage carefully:

“The communities of ants are sometimes very large numbering upto 500 individuals and it is a lesson to us that no one has ever yet seen a quarrel between any two ants of same community. On the other hand it must be admitted that they are in hostility not only with most other insects including ants of different species, but even with those of same species belonging to different communities. I have over and over introduced ants from one nest to another of same species and they were invariably attacked, seized by a leg or antenna and dragged out. It has been suggested that ants of each nest have some sign or password by which they recognize each other. To test this I tried to intoxicate them by putting them in whiskey for a few minutes. Then I put a paint spot on their leg to recognize them. Then I put them on the table where ants from other nest were feeding. The ants which were feeding soon noticed them. They seemed quite astonished to find their comrades in such a disgraceful condition and were as much at a loss to know what to do with them as we were. After a while they carried them all away; They took their friends home while the strangers were dropped at the edge of the table. Thus, it was evident that they know their friend even when it is incapable of giving any sign or password.”

Q 1) What lesson writer wants to give?

Q 2) How do ants from different community behave? How did he judge it?

Q 3) How did the ants deal with drunk ants?

Q 4) Choose an appropriate title.

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