Never Quit Your Job or Change Your Career Before Reading This…

By Saqib Ali Ateel

Do you know once you join a 9-5 job, whether permanent or temporary, you start facing certain problems FASTER than you expect? These problems may relate to your work environment, your salary level, your boss attitude or some of your colleagues who are 'always' conspiring to pull you down. This may result into frustration leading you to depression and unhappiness.

Think about that…

You had not joined your dream job for such unhappiness and depression. You had never wished for such a situation. Yet, it may force you either to quit your job or change your career. We see this every day around us.

Just a moment before that…

Did you know that 5.7 million people in the U.S alone are forced to do a part time work on lower wages? That means if you are planning to quit your job instantly there is every chance that you may have to find some part time job that will pay you much lesser than your present salary.

Did you know that 7.5 million more people are unable to find even a part time job in United States? That’s why Mr. Trump is looking around world to create more jobs. The situation may be worse in some other countries. If you are thinking to quit your job, you may end up in an unemployed pool, to make your life miserable.  

However, if you develop some parallel sources of regular income, you may be in better position to decide whether you have to continue your job or quit it for some other career.

Did you know that you can do this by converting your passion in your job into your part time online business? It will not only add into your professionalism but also a place to share your knowledge and make some regular income in your part time.

Seems like a FANTASY or a GRQ...

I know they are too many around!

I was lucky to stumble upon Solo Build It! in 2004 (At that time it was called Site Build It!) with a passion for psychological tests. Though I had a certification in the application development but website building was still a huge mission for me. The SBI told me to focus upon my passion and leave the rest to its shoulders. 

I am happy that I had followed the instructions, slowly, like a tortoise, in my free time, whenever it was available. It is about 14 years that I have been running this website with the SBI successfully. 

What is the SBI in may ask?

It is a 4 steps process that converts your passion into an online website which pays you in various ways. 

Discover these 4 Steps to Convert your PASSION into Your Small Profit Making Venture 

Step 1: Your passion is the priority

You can build your business online around any idea. However, when you are a full time employee and have little time, it is always better to go for a niche or a passion related to your job. It will never let you get bored even when you don’t have enough time & money to go for it.

When I started there was a cliché- “Content is the King”. A lot has been changed since then yet ‘content is still a king’. When you enjoy your passion there is nothing to stop you writing and talking about your passion.

It is your CONTENT!

Step 2: Write in a way which search engines like

Facebook is huge but search engines are still the biggest source of information for the people. It is also a billion dollar industry to provide you costly tools and techniques to help you build a successful website. You know free quality traffic from search engines like Google is like a gold falling from skies. 

The Artificial Intelligence of search engines is nearing the human experience. Yet, the SBI provides a unique tool "Analyze It!" which helps you to make your passionate content to be LOVED by the search engines, with a few slight changes. 

It will generate massive TRAFFIC for your website!

Step 3: Warm up your visitors

If you are doing your first & second steps correctly, your cold traffic becomes warm automatically. They find valuable information and start developing a rapport which will help you to lead them for your desired action. What can be your desired action? Please go through the next vital step:

Step 4: Convert your traffic into money ... Monetization

Some people may tell you to prepare a product or take someone else's as an affiliate and build your website around that. It may work for some time but not for long. 

The SBI process helps us to convert at the end. In fact when you follow step by step action guide, the traffic converts into money very fast. 

Why am I writing this review of the Solo Build It! After 13 years?

I have been writing on Psychometrics during last 13 years. But I had never thought to write any review on the SBI power. Frankly speaking the Solo Build It! is such a proved system that it doesn't any kind of review. Moreover, my website was generating me a good level regular income without  promoting the SBI.

However, I have recently found many reviews of the SBI which were not from the SBI users. Then Ken Evoy disclosed that such fake reviews were intentional by some company to sell their own products. It is bad for two reasons; first it doesn't help the interested people to build a lifestyle on internet. Second, it hurts the good company SBI and its reputation. 

Still the SBI may not work for a few people. 

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