Science purposes in the university institute on psychology

by Steven W. Newell

"Making do... that has always been a favorite theme of mine. To make the most of what you have." Burrhus Frederic Skinner (Basement Archives, 1971).
"To his fervent opponents, Skinner was the "Darth Vader" of American Psychology... however, Skinner was a brilliant originator of radical behaviorism, a science that yielded the most controllable and hence most predictable experimental results in the history of psychology."

When you begin your argument with a key presumption to your logic you win by way of design. This happens in essays all the time in political campaigns presenting word behavior in the social media on the world wide web. What would ever make rewarded political victory change method and stop writing lies in stories? Lies are the means to become the biggest well-fed rat in the laboratory. Fat vicious rats as the alpha mammal in the lead in this artificial intelligence-controlled laboratory do deliver the fate of the human society we are in.

The "enneagram test" works because it was invented by universal laws of determinism and "you can not improve upon perfection" as one licensed "enneagram certified" professional posted in 2018. Eventually, the question shows. Why are there three brains called instinctual, intellectual, and emotional, and why this extends to nine "personality types" and when you are identified to one of them it is perfectly fixed and eternal? The Spanish Inquisition based on spiritual absolutes, determinism, and universal laws. By contrast, science always will revise with new data.

"Enneagram" must destroy science and replace it. Does it seem we have a new "Inquisition" pending? How original that is?

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