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There are many versions of the Simpson’s personality test online, so take your pick. You are guaranteed at least a few minutes of relief from the endless job hunt, courtesy of everyone’s favorite yellow family. The Simpson’s personality test will tell you which of the characters you most resemble. This article will give you the insider’s guide into each of the Simpson’s and tell you why being like them will get you the job you’ve always wanted.

Let’s face it – looking for a job is tough work. Trawling through site after site and sending all those cover letters and CVs, each one tailored specifically to the relevant job is no one’s idea of fun. Added to that, employers and recruiters ask you to take all those lengthy and complicated personality tests. Do not despair. Your savior is here, and his name is Homer Simpson. Or is it Marge Simpson? You’ll just have to take the test and find out.

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The Different Characters from the Simpson’s Family

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Marge Simpson – the Mother of the Kids and Wife of Homer

She’s the one everyone can rely one, and has proved herself to be highly dependable, loyal, and caring. Her employment history shows someone trying to grow and develop, even if it can seem to be rather haphazard at time. Marge was once a French tutor, as well as a waitress, an elementary school teacher, police officer and entrepreneur. She is obviously a woman of many talents, and is not afraid to change career paths.

If gauge up like Marge, you love helping others and gain deep satisfaction from caring relationships. Your ideal jobs would be –

·         Child Care

·         Counselor

·         Doctor

·         Librarian

·         Social Worker

Free Online Pre-Employment Personality Test

Homer Simpson – Father of the Kids and Husband of Marge

Homer Simpson is the average American guy. He enjoys life’s simple pleasures, namely large volumes of beer, television and food. Do not be fooled by his gruff exterior, for beneath lies a man with some great ideas. He has been credited with inventing the six-legged chair, the make-up gun and the electric hammer. His employment history is too lengthy to be mentioned here, but does suggest that he has struggled to find his niche.

He is also shown to be an underachiever and someone who easily becomes dependent upon the successful caregivers. Homer is an extrovert, who is not afraid of the spot-light, but can also complete projects when needed. If you’re like him, consider going into the following fields –

·         Actor

·         Sales Rep

·         Lawyer

·         Human Resources

·         Comedian

Lisa Simpson – The First Daughter of Homer and Marge Simpson

Find yourself always being the voice of reason? Then you and Lisa have something in common. Lisa is highly intelligent and loves to play music. She has a complex personality, is a wonderful listener and loves to resolve conflict. This Simpson family member is unique, and if you met her you would immediately respond to her kind nature, and tell her all your secrets. If you are as intuitive and sensitive as she is, you would make a great –

·         Psychologist

·         Artist

·         Musician

·         Writer

·         Researcher

Bart Simpson – Son of Homer and Marge Simpson

Bart Simpson is the Richard Branson of the family or often quoted as the Tom Sawyer; think rebel, think unafraid and unapologetic. If you’re like Bart, failure or criticism won’t keep you down for long. His ability to make decisions quickly and persuade others would make Bart a great –

·         Firefighter

·         Marketer

·         Hollywood Agent

·         Band Member

·         Paramedic

If You’re Not Part Of The Family… Simpson's Personality Test still works

If none of the above sounds like you, the Simpson’s personality test could match you to some of the other characters:

1.    Maybe you’re Ned Flanders, someone who values teamwork, responsibility and tradition. Excitement and adventure are not for you, making you a great accountant or teacher.

2.    Apu is more introverted and has highly refined language skills. If you identify with Apu, you could start a successful career as a business analyst or a publisher.

3.    Or maybe you’re more like Sideshow Bob, and value spontaneity and life experiences. The adrenaline junkie in you means you should consider becoming an extreme athlete or perhaps a skydive instructor.

4.    Are you like Krusty the Klown? If you have his enthusiasm for life and entertaining, then start pursuing your dreams of becoming a performer.

 Hopefully this analysis of the Simpsons and what they could be good at has given you some inspiration and alleviated some of the job search tedium. Take the Simpson’s personality test now and find out which Simpson you are most like and which job you’d be best suited for.

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