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A great way to gain a better understanding of your co-workers or friends is to have everyone take a true colors personality test. It is also one of the most popular and fun tests that you and your friends can take that will allow you to understand yourselves better, and each other. There are 4 basic categories of a color personality test, although there are many different combinations of results. In this test, your test results can be similar to your friend's test results, or completely different.

The true colors personality test starts off by asking you less than 50 questions. On each question, you simply select whether you prefer to perform one task, over the other. For instance, one of the questions may be “Most of the time, I prefer to (A) Spend time with others or (B) Spend time alone”. Once you have completed your test, you are then provided with the test results. You will be scored in order, of which of the 4 main categories (color names are used as the categories) you scored the highest in. Your personality is determined by what colors you scored the highest in. Unlike most tests, the true colors personality test ranks your personality as it relates to other people (for instance, what behaviors annoy you, and what behaviors you do that annoy others). Let's take a look at some of the colors on the true colors personality test, and what they mean to you:

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Gold Personality

If you have a gold personality, you are seen as someone who is frustrated with people who are irresponsible, lack prior planning before taking decisions, and you are sometimes also frustrated with lazy people. People tend to think that you are a person who needs too much control in your life, and that you might be too quick to judge others. People also tend to think that you are obsessive.

Blue Personality

If you have a blue personality, you are easily frustrated by those who lie, are sarcastic, and those people who use violence as a way of solving problems. People around you find your lack of prior planning, and passive avoidance of conflict as annoying. Also, people around you tend to find your insistence of being sentimental equally annoying.

Orange Personality

Free Online Pre-Employment Personality Test

If you have an orange personality, you are frustrated by deadlines, laws, rules, and order. People around you are likewise frustrated by your avoidance of rules, your undisciplined behavior, and your quick temper. In addition, people around you may think that you are rash, and too quick to jump into a problem.

Green Personality

If you have a green personality, you are frustrated by small talk, social events, incompetent people, and routine behaviors. Those closest to you are frustrated by your lack of social skills, your inability to receive constructive criticism, and your attitude when challenged. People may also think that you are too independent, and unable to control your temper at times.

Regardless of what color personality you might be, the whole point of the true colors personality test is not about you- it is about how you can prevent conflicts or issues in your life. This test helps you to understand what frustrates others the most about your actions, and your habits. This will help you become a better person, who is aware of your own personal character flaws. In addition, it can also help you to understand why you might have problems getting along with others, who have annoying personality traits compared to your own. So remember, the whole point of this test is different from any other personality test- it isn't so much about yourself, but instead on how to get along better with others.

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