Are you thinking, “What Wear in Interview?” Let’s see…

Are you troubled with the thought “What wear in interview?”

If you are then you are not alone. You must have heard or read about the importance of ‘looking the part’ when going for an interview. The stress that has been laid upon dressing appropriately when going for an interview naturally compels the candidates to constantly wonder “What wear in interview?”

Therefore it is a natural worry for someone who is about to give an interview and that too for the first time. Most of the time you don’t trust your judgement and want someone else opinion about it…What you must remember is that the objective is not too look good alone, the aim is to look good, feel good and appear appropriately dressed for the occasion.

So what do you do if there is nobody to guide you correctly? Ask yourselves the following questions. When you have answered them satisfactorily, it means that you have dressed suitably for your job interview.

Is Your Dress Sober or screaming to go to a Graduation Party?

what wear in interview

Some people don't care much, "what wear in interview?"

You can dress however way you like back at home but if you have come to talk seriously with somebody about a job and because they are going to be assessing you on every single aspect, then you should be most accurately dressed.

In a typical corporate environment, the interviewer is not going to expect anything less than a trouser and a dress shirt. This elegant looks adds a little something to the personality. On the other hand wearing low neck T-shirts which reveal tattooed and pierced bodies give a lot of negative impression regarding your attitude and how seriously you take this job.

The attire requirement is different if you are going to be interviewing for some other kind of job. For instance if you are going to interview for a teaching job or a training job, you might still have to dress soberly yet attractively but not overly formally at the same time.

In a very strict and conservative business environment you have to dress as formally as possible. Still if you are unsure about how you should dress for a particular interview, it is always safe to dress a little more on the reserved or conservative side.

Is Your Dress Comfortable Enough?

Most people don’t contemplate about this factor but it is a strong aspect to consider when thinking about “what wear in interview?” The clothes you pick for the interview should be very comfortable to wear. They should be breathable and not at all tight enough to hinder breathing.

If the clothes make you uncomfortable while you sit down for your interview, then there is a solid chance that you will be heavily distracted by the feel of your clothes around you.

You never know what kind of atmosphere you walk into when you go for the interview. Wearing tight clothes that are made of fabric that does not allow breathing is going to give you a really tough time if the fans and the air conditioning stop.

Are Your Clothes Revealing?

Clothes are a personal statement but wearing clothes that give away your body measurements send out a different signal in an environment where the focus is purely on qualifications and skills.

High hemline and low neckline for women, just as low waistline for men, are not appreciated if you are going to a high-profile job interview. Your clothes should neither distract you nor the interviewer.

Men and Women Clothing Basics for an Interview

Take a look at few of the basic things that should be included in the overall attire of female candidates.

  • Colour of the dress should not be very bright although it can be a solid colour like Navy, Black, Grey or Beige.
  • The dress should be in combination with each other.
  • Jewellery should be sparse but elegant.
  • The attire must contain a wrist watch as it conveys a sense of punctuality.
  • Makeup should be sparse but properly done.
  • Hands should be manicured.
  • There should be a portfolio or briefcase to carry the documents.

Now let’s discuss some of the basics of men’s clothing for interview.

  • Men should choose a conservative suite of any solid colour.
  • The shirt should be of a light colour accompanied with a combination tie.
  • The socks should be dark and the shoes should be polished. The colour of the shoes should be in accordance with the suit.
  • The hair should be made neatly and the beard should be trimmed.
  • A wrist watch is a must.
  • A neat portfolio or briefcase should complete the attire.

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