It's Easy - You Need To Focus upon these Tips To Succeed a Wonderlic Intelligence Test

The Wonderlic intelligence test is the shortest accurate IQ test in general use today. Composed of fifty questions, the Wonderlic test is designed to quickly gauge your intelligence on matters such as reading comprehension and arithmetic. Invented in 1939, by David Wonderlic, this test is in use today by many organizations.

Some organizations which use this test as a means of employment screening include the NFL, Ameritas Life Insurance, TruGreen, and even the United States Government. The Wonderlic intelligence test sets itself apart from other IQ tests in several key factors, including a quick test time (to prevent fatigue in an individual, resulting in a lower than accurate score), and a lack of negative scoring (to prevent test anxiety).

What this means to you... Wonderlic gives a quick, painless, and easy test!

Tips to Encounter a Wonderlic Test?

Similar to many other types of intelligence tests, the Wonderlic intelligence test will begin asking you easy questions, moving on to harder questions as you move through the test. Often, the last ten questions on the test are the hardest. The advantage to this type of test is that you can skip a question, moving onto the harder questions, leaving spare time to work on the easier ones (also, you can always skip the harder questions, and focus more on the easier ones). This gives you a great deal of flexibility with the test since you aren't worried about a single problem.

Besides, the Wonderlic intelligence test also does not penalize you for a wrong answer- you just do not get credit for incorrect answers. What this means to you is if you find yourself stuck on a question, eliminate any obviously wrong answers, and pick a choice of what you feel the answer may be. Even if you are wrong, you aren't going to be poorly scored for a wrong answer- the question just doesn't count towards your final score.

One thing that the Wonderlic intelligence test does not permit is the use of tools while taking the test. Dictionaries, calculators, and any other resource are not allowed. You are provided with a pencil, and the test- that is it. These rules make it very effective at removing cheating and focusing on the individual that is taking the test.

Where to focus on Wonderlic intelligence test

Scoring with the Wonderlic test is simple, all of your correct answers are added up, and that is your score. If you answered ten questions or less correctly, it typically means that you are not considered literate. If you answered 20 questions correctly, this represents average intelligence. More than 40 correct answers indicate that you are a genius.

As for the questions themselves, they are a secret of the company Wonderlic and are protected. However, the Wonderlic test does focus on three main areas, which you should be prepared to be quizzed on:

1.)    Mathematics: The Wonderlic test is going to test to determine if you can properly solve questions with fractions and decimals. Besides, this test will also test your ability to recognize mathematical patterns and to compare numbers that may or may not represent patterns.

2.)    Reading: You will be asked to compare certain words, as well as to re-arrange words into a meaningful sentence (provided with sample words that do not make sense). Also, you will also be asked to provide critical reasoning to support your conclusions on questions, as well as to recognize similarities between different statements on the test.

3.)    Spatial: This portion of the test questions always confuses people. What are spatial questions, you may ask? Spatial problems consist of using your imagination to analyze items, rotate shapes to proper positions, and to troubleshoot typical engineering problems. Spatial questions require you to rotate shapes and images in your head so that you can find a solution to a problem.

The Wonderlic test excels in many aspects where traditional tests have failed. Although quick and painless, it has been found and supported that the Wonderlic test is accurate. To date, there are no other tests like it, which are as valid. 

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