Need To Improve Wonderlic Test Scores and Chances for Your Dream Career?

The Wonderlic test scores determine whether or not you are an ideal candidate for a given job field. The test is also called Wonderlic Intelligence test. The Wonderlic Personnel Test consists of fifty questions that are asked in a time span of twelve minutes. The Wonderlic scores vary per profession, which means that a lower score on a test may not necessarily be a bad thing.

If you are going to face a Wonderlic test, the best advice that can be given is to take your time and answer each question to the best of your ability. Like an IQ test, the Wonderlic test scores are based on a minimum, maximum, and average range. For instance, if you score a 24 on a Wonderlic test, you are considered to be of average intelligence. The maximum anyone can score on a Wonderlic test is 50, and a score of 10 means that a person is barely literate.

Distribution of Wonderlic Intelligence Test Scores

The Wonderlic test itself is composed of a series of questions, which become more difficult as the test progresses. Easy questions typically involve identifying an item that does not belong to a group of items, whereas hard questions usually involve algebraic functions. An example of a more natural math question might be, “If a pencil sells for 80 cents, how much do five pencils cost?” Once you have answered the fifty questions in the test, your score is totaled based on the number of items that you have answered correctly.

Wonderlic test scores can vary mostly between professions. For instance, consider the following average scores:

Chemist- 31

Security Guard- 17

Bank Teller- 22

Sales Professional- 24

As you can see, scores vary widely based on an average rating for a given job field. Employers sometimes use Wonderlic test scores as a type of personality test, to screen prospective employees before employment. Examples of such employers include the NFL (the most famous for using Wonderlic tests for athletes), TruGreen, Ameritas Life Insurance, and Arnold Logistics.

wonderlic test scores

The NFL has been using the Wonderlic test since the 1970s, and the player's Wonderlic test scores are occasionally made public knowledge (not intentionally). Because of this, there is quite an interest in the Wonderlic test, from a football fan's perspective. At the beginning of football season, many news articles can be found that claim to have a list of professional player's Wonderlic scores. Much of this news attention is meant to occupy time in the pre-season (what else is a football fan to do when football is not being played?), but there are occasionally accurate scores which are released. Many fans will also try to explain an athlete's poor football performance with a link to his Wonderlic test score. For instance, Wallace Gilberry (who played for Alabama most recently), is reported to have a Wonderlic score of 17 and was not drafted into the NFL in 2008.

Advice to Get Good Wonderlic Intelligence Test Scores

If you are faced with taking a Wonderlic test, there are several things that you can do to prepare for the test. Although the Wonderlic is a general intelligence test, you can prepare by taking a sample test. Sample Wonderlic tests are available on the Internet, many of which are quite accurate at calculating your Wonderlic test scores properly. There are no real Wonderlic tests available, as Wonderlic, Inc protects the actual Wonderlic tests.

Another tip for Wonderlic preparation is a common one that many of us heard while preparing for standardized testing in public school- eat right the morning before and get plenty of rest. Although the Wonderlic test is relatively short, make sure that you get at least eight hours of sleep the night before, and eat a good breakfast. The stress of being required to take a Wonderlic test (especially for employment) can quickly overcome you if you have not had plenty of rest and a good nutritional breakfast. 

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