Being Smart is Not fun

by ne-te-sn-te-sx-sn-zo-on-fe-sn
(Dayton )

My IQ was only 150 but I have a great ability to forecast events and even words people are about to speak. There are only X amount of events and words and most "new" events and spoken words are just recurrences.

I also "see" deceit- I know it sounds strange but I get a very slight vision light bloom when people are lying. I notice all body language, voice nuances, and the such.

This has been going on since I was a child. I am now almost 50. I used to know the answers to math questions without knowing how I came to the correct answer. Blood sugar problems have slowed that down I bit.

Does anyone else get bullied because you know more than others (often) . I was actually told to be quiet so I would not embarrass my boss. It is difficult to suppress knowledge and keep quiet.

Does anyone else have a bit of sadness due to high intellect? I know the answer is yes already.

I also have problems talking socially with others as my mind is always working...

I enjoy thinking out solutions and wish there was an online think tank to work with, anyone?

A smarter women wanted in Dayton Ohio....

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You may be psychic
by: Anonymous

Hi, Smart-Not-Fun, your gifts sound more psychic to me than related to IQ. You might think about developing those abilities more!

No. it's lonely at the top
by: Anonymous

So you spend all of your time just wondering things too. It's a lonely place, huh? I have a question. Has it been getting worse since Dec. 2012? Like everywhere I look, things have taken on a different meaning. There are things I've always felt but had no idea why, but lately something will happen or I'll read something and it's like a light bulb goes on. I'll think, now I understand why. It's like when you get to the last 50 pieces of a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle and the pieces fall into place faster and faster as the picture becomes clearer. Is it just me?

I feel lonely around people but not so much when I'm alone. IDK

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