I Don't Know What to Put Here?

by Person

OK, I am a 13-year-old caucasian male who took a Mensa test and got 186 IQ, based on this website it says I am"High Genius" but currently only have a 2.5 GPA.

I am guessing that means, I am just lazy but does anyone more experienced?

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Enthusiasm counts
by: JD

Oft times high-level IQ personalities tend to become bored with mundane tasks and attempts to drill into their memory rote information, and that is usually what occurs at most public schools and universities these days. Real learning is not achieved. Don't become discouraged. First, learn how to study. This is an important step that the vast majority of students skip. Then READ, READ READ EVERYTHING! Reading is the very best way to achieve insight into other's thinking, attain memory retention and cover vast subjects that you would not normally encounter. Question everything, even this advice.

Success vs High IQ
by: Saqib

Yes, you are not alone...

First, keep in mind that a high IQ score is not a guarantee that you will succeed in your academic as well as professional life. Many average scoring people perform much better than people having higher IQ scores. Some psychologists rightly point out that emotional intelligence plays a pivotal role in your professional life. What I have learned that whatever your IQ score may be, your success in academic and professional life depends upon three primary principles:

1- How much clear is your goal? If you don't know where you want to go, you can't be in the right direction. Your goal should be so clear in your mind that you should feel it at least if you can't touch it.

2- Your daily movement towards your goal. Whatever goal you decide you should make an effort towards your goal on a daily basis. When you have limited time, you should make a plan to work fast.

3- Your persistence. Whatever destination you select, you will encounter a lot of problems. You need not worry about the problems as higher the goals, higher the problems. You must focus upon your destination and continue by jumping over the problems faced. At the end of the day, you shall reach your destination.

You are not alone
by: Anonymous

You are not alone. I did poorly in school because I was bored and mostly read fiction instead of textbooks. Mensa is not filled with high earning professionals. You find normal people doing normal non-exciting jobs like mechanic or librarian. In other words...a high IQ doesn't mean financial success or honor club. It means you will always be slightly out of step and probably not a big social hit. On the other hand, you will think and wonder about stuff no one else even notices. Your world will be always filled with new things to learn and your friends will most likely be gifted also.

A 72 non due paying Mensa member for 50 years.

Join Mensa because of the young Mensa programs and peer help.

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