Is it normal

by Amber Adnan
(New York)

I am 11 years of age and when i took a IQ test it was a result of 189 should i be worried or provoked

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To both anonymous'
by: Anonymous

You obviously, aren't genius' yourselves, then. Going by your posts, anyways.

1) If you were, you would understand that the kid is talking in text speak. Many have grown up using this type of online conversing language. It's faster when using a smartphone or with Facebook, as you have less steps to go through when chatting with a friend. Less steps, coincidentally, mean that your response to your friend is faster, which in turn means a faster, more lively conversation.

2) If you were, you would understand that there are different types of genius'. Some are genius' in Math, some in the Sciences, some in Languages, etc. Very few are considered to be Polymath's like Leonardo da Vinci was. So, in effect, you could very easily be a genius in Math and Science, and yet, do poorly in English and Spelling and Grammar.

Consider ones like: Alexander the Great, who is considered to be a genius tactician, and Galileo, who was a genius at many of the Sciences.

Alexander the Great was a great tactician but would he be able to pick up a musical instrument and automatically become an expert at playing any of Mozart's concertos? He was taught how to play a piano for an hour or two a day for 180 days a year (with gaps between lessons for holidays, weekends, winter break, spring vacation, and a summer vacation)for four or five years, after all. Any intelligent person would say, no. It wasn't his area of expertise nor talent.

Galileo is considered to be a genius in the Sciences. Would you be able to tell him to be an expert at running a crew on a ship because he'd been shown a couple, or even quite a few times, how to do it (using the time allotted above)? Any intelligent person would say, no. It wasn't his area of expertise.

3) If you were, you would understand that genius' can't always perform, even their own area of expertise, expertly, every time.

Consider ones like Einstein, for example. He is regarded as one of the most influential genius' of all history. Yet, this Science and Physics genius failed EVERY college entrance exam that he took.

4) If you were, you would understand that you are likely much older than this child, which means you have much more experience with grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary than they have.

5) If you were, you would understand that no one is perfect.

These are only a few reasons that your expectations for this genius are in error. Therefore, get down off of your high horse, since you truthfully aren't on that high of one, and use your abilities for more constructive pursuits than nitpicking at the language that a child is using. Of course, this is coming from someone who's 40 y.o. with only an Intelligence Quotient of 143 (and not an expert in grammar, sentence structure, nor vocabulary by any means) with adult diagnosed ADHD. I am somewhat of a Polymath, though English class was never a strong subject for me.

So, you have a choice before you. Continue showing your lack of intelligence by nitpicking at a kid's type of address, leaving without another word, or apologize to the original poster for your statements and then leave (the proper and intelligent thing for you to do). Just my 2 cents.

Just saying
by: Anonymous

The word "I" should always be capitalized

Worried or provoked?
by: Anonymous

"I am 11 years of age and when i took a IQ test it was a result of 189 should i be worried or provoked"

Should you be worried?
No. Why would you be worried? I would be remiss, however, if I failed to mention that your test result of 189 is obviously erroneous.

Your aforementioned question - laden with grammatical and punctuation errors - is glaring evidence of such.

Should you be provoked?
Provoked to do what, exactly? Your sentence is incomplete, and doesn't make sense. I'm not sure "provoked" is the word you were looking for in this sentence.

Best regards ~

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