The Reasons For IQ Score Changes Throughout Life

by Geddy Friedman
(Hollywood, California U.S.A.)

Pic taken Jan 2009

Pic taken Jan 2009

First of all, great page. Very informative and useful so whoever you are, thanks for getting it up!

Secondly, after viewing several responses on here I noticed people were concerned that their IQ scores are getting lower in life. I have an explanation for this.

IQ scores are used to not only rate a person's intelligence according to the classifications on a chart, but more so compared to others. Look at it like this. An IQ of 100 is avg for any person because 100 = 100% of 1 whole or 100% intelligence for 1 person. The IQ rating for the majority of people is 90-109% out of 100% or 90-109% of 1 person's intelligence. The reason some may fall in IQ score is can be due to numerous factors; health problems, poor dieting, lack of sleep, overabundance of stress, unstimulated brain cells, unintelligent company or job routines, physical damage to the brain through accident or injury etc. Really the list goes on. I think the most common loss of IQ superiority comes from life style and habits of which one has control over. The way you allow yourself to live, think and breath changes your perspective and capacity on everything. As children, we do not find so many limitations to what is possible. It is only after many years of being restricted by schools, peers and job environments that we forget how to use our brains and dwarf our own prospects for depth and spatial thinking. I have found this to be painstakingly true. When I am around intelligent-speaking people I can think more creatively and effectively. When I am around morons for long periods of time my brain goes into safe mode and I almost forget how to speak beyond a 4th grade vocabulary. So it's important to associate with the right people, not only for their influence of thought but for their influence of habits as well. Intelligent people do intelligent things to not only maintain, but enhance their intelligence. Idiots and dull people gravitate to things that continually limit their mind's potential until nothing can be hoped for or expected. It's imperative that we study nutrition, eat well, sleep well, exercise, practice deep breathing techniques as taught by Dale Carnegie. The mark of a true genius is not so subtle. It is an entirely seen in their life style, habits and inclinations. So if you continue acts of self-improvement and mental stimulation your whole body will function better and your mind will always grow. Most people largely stop learning at 25, but it is really up to you when you stop learning and growing. Geniuses learn until they day they day, and even then feel like they know very little.

Thanks for reading people.

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by: Geddy Friedman

I spotted a couple typos in this, but feel overall think it was well–delivered. Hopefully this clarifies how the mind operates by way of habit and encourages all those that read it to practice brain-enhancement in their daily life.

If you score low on an intelligence test, it could very well be that your mind is not at its peak operating level. We all have our own limits, but the intelligence tests do not necessarily test them. They do however necessarily test our limits at the time of testing and those limits can be worked on and altered to a certain extent.


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