Practicing a Free IQ Test Online Has Its Pros and Cons

You know, the “Intelligence Quotient” (IQ) can be explained as a numerical expression of an individual’s intelligence and knowledge base. If you have applied for a job, you must know that many companies are testing the intelligence of potential candidates to gauge how the right person is placed in the proper position. A free IQ test online is the most popular way to prepare for your real life psychological session. However, free tests bear evident pros and cons that you need to take seriously. What are they? 

Pros of Free IQ Tests

There are numerous advantages of IQ tests; however, the most common ones are as follows:

Predictive shortcut: IQ tests are considered to be a forecast of what intelligence level a person possess in any given task. If you have a higher score in your IQ test, you will be considered as an intelligent person and vice-versa. Measuring IQ allows predicting the rate of success in different activities, compete economically and perform socially.

Online tests are fun: Unlike conventional IQ tests, most of the online tests are free and can be easily accessed by any person. In addition to this, if you are a fan of mind games, then many of such tests are mind games which will make them fun.

They are actually free: Obviously, free IQ test online means that these tests can be undertaken free of cost. You can access these tests on the internet. Such tests are a good way to understand your level.

Room for making improvements: Several free online IQ tests are designed to be mind games and include such brain training techniques that promise to boost the functioning of your brain. You can understand the different levels of thinking which can help you in your future greatly.

They are not lengthy: Unlike traditional IQ tests, which are quite lengthy and take a lot of time to complete, free online IQ tests are short and require a small amount of time to complete. Moreover, online tests are more interesting than traditional tests.

Cons of IQ testing

Free IQ test online also includes several limitations that are very important to discuss and understand closely so as to determine the level of your intelligence closely.

Predictive shortcuts may not work always: free online IQ tests may not provide an accurate result as they tend to restrict your understanding about your intelligence level. The reason behind this is that these tests do not test all those situations that portray intelligent behavior. There are many facets of intelligence which are not handled by online tests.

Low IQ scores can demotivate you: This drawback is logically appealing. If you have scored less on an IQ test, it can demotivate you in one way or another. It can be tempting to agree with the fact that lower scores will stimulate you to study more, acquire more skills, do mind games, etc., but the fact is that every person feels different from the other which can impact your level of motivation.

Does not measure all types of intelligence: Typically free IQ tests measure only the mathematical and verbal abilities despite of the fact that psychologists have identified seven types of intelligence aspects. This again renders the results derived from such tests to be inaccurate.

The bottom line

It has been researched extensively that one score cannot measure your overall ability. A Free IQ test online is a way to gain some insight about your intelligence level; however, ultimately relying on these tests and results, and judging your intelligence level can demotivate you from performing socially and economically. Moreover, these tests are an excellent way to do mind games and open different dimensions of your brain which can be helpful for you in future. Keeping in view the above cons and pros we have brought free IQ tests which give results, not in a figurative expression but percentage. You can learn patterns while practicing these intelligence tests. 

Practice with Free IQ Tests

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